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Diamond Specs.


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After browsing several local jewelers, online retailers, etc. I have come across a diamond with the following specs. I was wondering if this diamond would be a good deal for $4400.


Shape: Round

Carat Weight: 0.93

Color: E

Clarity: VS2

Graded By: GIA

Cut Grade: Ideal

Depth: 61.1%

Table: 54%

Girdle: Medium

Culet: None

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None

Measurements: 6.34 x 6.29 x 3.86


Thanks for your help!

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Ideal is a term that many vendors use with different standards for such qualification. The AGS is the only grading lab that uses the term "Ideal" for grading cut quality. Under their grading system the polish, symmetry, proportions and light performance are taken into consideration when assigning an Ideal grade.


That being said the polish and symmetry alone of the diamond you listed does not qualify it as a true Ideal cut.


This is not to say that it is not a gorgeous diamond.


It may however suggest that the vendor has lesser standards for such a cut grade and may be misrepresenting the diamond in that regard. There is not enough information provided on the diamond to give you a true cut evaluation. Have you seen the diamond in person or received images and/or light performance information?

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