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AGS Ideal "triple zero" F VS2 1 carat for sale


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I recently purchased a few stones to choose from for an engagement setting, and while they were all extremely nice, I ultimately chose a somewhat larger stone, and am selling the remaining two.


It has a full AGS certification and a laser enscribed girdle with the AGS number so you can be assured to get what you purchased. I am happy to work through my local appraiser or the qualified appraiser of your choice.


This quality of stone would sell for $8K plus from a reputable online diamond broker, over $10K from a quality brick and mortar jeweler. It is appraised at $14,000+.


I have it priced at $6,100 for a quick sale. If you are in the market for a top quality 1-carat diamond, here is your opportunity to save thousands!


The diamond is currently set in a nice platinum setting. The setting and the stone are new and unworn.


Lab Cert AGS Diamond Quality Document


Cut Ideal 0

Polish Ideal

Symmetry Ideal

Proportion Ideal

Color F

Clarity VS2

Carat 1.023

Size 6.49-6.53x3.97



Depth 61%

Table 57%

Crown angle 33.8

Pavillion angle 41

Culet 0

Crown 14.5

Girdle 1.2 - 2.5

Pavillion 43.3


HCA Scores 1.3

Light Return Excellent

Fire Excellent

Scintillation Very Good

Spread Very Good







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