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Diamond Certification


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Great Question!


Diamonds are generally priced based on the weight and grading details of the stone. Microscopic differences in the grading can make for a big difference in the final price. For this reason, many people who are not themselves experts find it desirable to have the grading done by a 3rd party who doesn’t have a interested in the outcome. A small portion of the difference in prices you see relates to the cost of lab services but far more has to do with the fact that stones graded in an independent lab are far more likely to be correctly graded than stones graded by the seller or their minions. When you are comparing stones graded by a top tier lab (meaning GIA and AGS) vs. another lab or with no lab grade at all, it’s very likely that you are comparing two stones of different grades and that this is the reason for the price difference.


Here is the current fee structure from GIA. AGS is about the same. http://www.gia.edu/gemtradelab/31548/fees.cfm


That’s how much of the price difference is for the ‘certificate’.



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