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Difference with Pearls

Guest yomtov3

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Guest yomtov3

I just began to look for a pearl necklace for my wife. Whats the difference between Tahitian and Black Akoya pearls other than the price ? How can I tell the difference between these 2 and any other black/colored pearls from Tahitian ones?


Thank you in advance

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They come from completely different animals. Telling the difference between varous pearls takes a lot of practice and sometimes some expensive tools. Assigning an appropriate value to different pearls of the same variety is a similar issue. Details matter a lot. Black akoya's are dyed for example. The first thing to do is to buy from a dealer that you are inclined to trust. If you want to get it checked out, contact a professional appraisal and specifically ask them about their experience with pearls when you call to schedule your appointment. Black pearls can range from incredibly cheap (less than $50) to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the details.



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