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Diamond Color


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What could cause a diamond to turn yellow? We purchased a diamond that was supposed to be color code 'H', but it keeps yellowing. The jewler has suggested either hard or soft water of hair spray. None of that makes sense to me. The ring is taken off when washing my hands or applying lotion. Could this be a sympton of a quality defect in the diamond? I am concerned and have never heard of such a thing. I look forward to hearing your opinion.

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what is hard or soft water of hair spray? did you mean, hard or soft water OR hairspray?


This is the first time i've heard of a case like this. Normal usage should not change the color of a diamond. Is the yellowing on the inside or out? Is it a film thats developing on the outside?


Being on a forum and not being able to see it, theres not much we can do, I would suggest taking it to another jeweler and see what he says.


Perhaps someone else has seen or experience this?

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This is almost always due to and envirnment issue.. As was suggested, lotions, hairsprays, etc are common causes of this.. The fact that is is something that can be cleaned in the store lends even more evidence to the fact that it is a dirt or oil collecting on the diamond..


Diamonds tend to be very good at collecting body oils and the like.. Do you have other diamonds that you wear?? Have you noticed this same effect on them??

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