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SGTL, the producers of AUSCERT


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HELP; Found this discussion on another web site.

Discussion here

I am looking at a diamond with an AUSCERT. I am now very worried about this. The stone is quite a bit less than a GIA stone from another jeweller.

Advice Please?



The stone is a 1.52ct G Si1 EX EX EX

table 57.5

Depth 62

Girdle thin/SltThick

Culet none

Crown 34

pav 42

Fluo Nil

Aus$ 12750.00


the GIA stone is same colour and clarity but is


I don't have a copy of the certificate

It is also EX EX EX



Am I worried for nothing? HELP

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Wow, what a load of mudslinging. :(


Producing ‘certificates’ is a remarkable business. There is big money at stake and it’s a tough business to crack into. GIA has a hundred million dollar business going and it’s going nowhere but up as people increasingly try to buy diamonds based purely on their opinions. Damn I’m jealous. It’s no surprise at all that labs are spring up all over the place looking for a piece of that action.


Bear in mind that it’s not the paperwork that makes a beautiful diamond beautiful. Look at the stones. If you’re going to rely on a 3rd party opinion, like a lab, appraiser, guru or your brother-in-law, the first question should be the credibility of the 3rd party to provide the advice you’re seeking. I’ve never heard of SGTL but this doesn’t make them wrong. The folks at DCLA don’t seem to like them very much but I didn’t read through that entire sordid discussion and I don’t know much about them either. Look at the stones. If you need assistance, hire an expert who you’ve decided is reliable to assist you and then have them look at the stones. Buy from a dealer who you’ve decided is reliable and have them look at the stones.



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Hi Neil thanks for the reply.

I still don't know what to do,I recon I will go with the GIA diamond.

DCLA from what I have heard is very respected in Australia most of the stores speak very highly of there certificates.I will take it there for another certificate once I have the stone.I will let you know the outcome.

I found there site on the net http://www.dcla.com.au/

PS if it is different what do I do?

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Tell the jeweler that you are concerned about the grading of the stone and you would like to have it checked out. Demand that the jeweler agree to accept a return for a 100% refund if you show it to your expert and you decide that you don’t want it and that you be allowed a reasonable amount of time to do this. 7-10 days is usually enough but 30 days is pretty common as well if they atually own the stone. Ring up DCLA and find out how long it takes them to schedule an appointment and do an exam (including shipping if they aren’t located in your town). Refuse to buy if they won't agree to this.


Note: You should insist on this kind of return policy anyway, no matter who graded it because it’s a vote of confidence by the dealer in their own merchandise. Even if you don't go through with it, it's a good sign to have them agree to this. You should have the right to do this using any expert you choose and you should be allowed to return for any reason you choose, not just grading differences. If you aren't happy after careful consideration then the deal isn't done. Naturally, you will be responsible for the DCLA related fees and for returning the stone and SGTL paperwork in undamaged condition so they can sell it to someone else if you decide you don't want it.



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Hi Neil


I had the opportunity to visit the DCLA laboratory in Sydney,Where I took my HUGE DIAMOND to be verified.I want to thank them for this and say I was truly blown away by their facility and their professionalism.The stone is exactly correct in every way.I was surprised to see how pro GIA the DCLA are.also the amount of equipment needed to check diamonds.

I did not expect the DCLA to recommend a certificate other than their own it gave me allot of confidence.

They were very busy yet still had time for me.Amazing thankyou!!!

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