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Just bought my engagement ring ~


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Hello everyone ~

New to the forum ...

I just wanted your opinion on my ring I just purchased:


1.02 Carat I Color VS1 Round Diamond

(very good cut, excellent symetry, good polish)

(measurements: 6.43-6.49 x 4.03 mm)


14k White Gold Ring with

Princess Cut Channel set Diamonds (8) on the side totaling .64 Carats


With : Fifth Avenue Gem Lab Certificate


Total Price : $


You tell me ~


Thanks ,



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Second guessing a ring that you’ve already locked into is a bad idea. It’s shopping backwards with nowhere to go. If you’re trying to find out if you got what you thought you got as part of your shopping process, seek out a qualified appraiser who can actually see and inspect the piece. A free Internet opinion at this point is worth less than it costs.



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Fifth Avenue Gem Lab?


Even if you had a respected gem lab report such as GIA, assigning values based on the limited info above is impossible.


With a no-name gem lab, assigning values is more than impossible... which I guess by definition would be ridiculous.


Neil gave you good advice, get the stone checked out.

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Asking for opinions from Pros such as Brian and Neil after you have bought the diamond is asking for potential aggravation.


We have tried this before with abysmal results in that the Pros came in for underserved

criticism when the purchaser did not like the answers.


The time to ask for advice is before you put your hard-earned money on the Table.


If you're still within your Return period, get this diamond checked out by a reputable Independent Appraiser, ASAP.

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