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How much should I pay?

Guest susanjones

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Most dealers are happy to tell you their prices and you can shop them against one another although it's important to be sure you're truely comparing comparable items. Fancy diamonds can vary a lot in look from one to the next and not all graders view clarity and color in the same ways. An interesting place to start is the 'find online jeweler' button at the top of the page. This will produce advertisements for superficially similar stones being offered for sale by a variety of competitive dealers. You might also shop other dealers in the neighborhood of the one you're considering to see if someone has something similar. Things like trade up programs, convenient displays, prestigious brands and the like are difficult to value but it's worthwhile to listen to everyones pitch and decide what features are desirable to you. Add the ones that are important to your list of specs for comparison and ignore the remainder.



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