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Tiffany Engagement Rings

Guest nbstal

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Guest nbstal

Is Tiffany overpriced? I really like the Tiffany Legacy engagement ring, but the setting alone is $4040. I don't know how much they charge for their diamonds, but I've heard that they are outrageous. Would it be better to just show the picture of my desired ring to a custom jeweler and have them create it for me and find the diamond for me?



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‘Overpriced’ is a loaded word and the fact that you chose it in your question pretty much leads to the answer. Tiffany is more expensive than most of their competitors but they are the only supplier who can deliver the Tiffany experience. Whether this is worthwhile to you depends on what you consider to be valuable.


It’s relatively easy to find alternative dealers who can supply you with high quality merchandise that looks very similar to what Tiffany sells for drastically lower prices. Their Legacy design has been copied by literally dozens of different manufacturers. There are alternative diamond dealers who argue that their stones are both better and less expensive than comparable offerings at Tiffany. You are the one who has to decide if the blue box and the intangible thing it represents are worth the extra cost. Tiffany has legions of happy customers who are well aware of the fact that Tiffany’s wasn’t the cheapest place to buy a ring and who would proudly say that it was worth every penny to shop there. There are plenty of others who wouldn’t shop there on a bet.



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