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Think I found my stone, last minute question


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Hi, hopefully Denverappraiser sees this as you have been very helpful with your posts. I'm the one that had the 2.73 round that I asked about trading. I think I've found my ring. I looked at 8 stones yday and for the first time since I began looking, this ring "jumped out at me". I finally wasn't looking at GIA criteria and $$, but thought "this ring is her." I had no idea the specs or price, and was surprised when the guy gave me the breakdown. It as follows: 1.703 carat princess, H color, VS1, 6.65x6.48x4.81, 74.2% depth, 73% table, girdle very thin to very thick, VG polish, VG symettry. The price was roughly $9400. This guy showed me the stone under the microscope at 10x and 20x power and showed me the inclusion, as well as how one of the points on the girdle was thicker. My only concern with it from all my hours of reading was the girdle being "very thin to very thick." I asked him his opinion, and he said that you would prefer one "medium to thick" over it, but that he had no concerns about it unless I had concerns about it. Is this something to worry about it? This guy put NO pressure on me and was a pleasure...we talked for over an hour and a half. He's been around here for 20 years and several friends have used him. I was just shocked at the price. But this stone jumped out at me. Should I be concerned with anything about it, or go with my gut and get this stone? Thanks

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I’m glad I could help.


Very thin girdle can be a problem, especially if it’s the point of the stone that’s thin. Everything else about your post screams that you should buy it. Getting the one that sings to you is the whole point after all. The girdle issue has to do with breakage risk and durability concerns. Make the jeweler assume breakage risk during the setting process or refuse to buy. It’s likely a 3rd party setter won’t agree to this but the guy who’s getting the sale probably will. Immediately get it independently appraised (to demonstrate that it’s not damaged among other things) and buy an insurance policy so that the insurance company has the risk from then onward. Even if there is an increased durability risk, it won't be your problem.


Are they going to take a trade in on your other one?



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Thanks again Denver. The guy I was working with on the trade basically came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to get much better of a deal trading with one guy versus just selling to another guy. I know I didn't maximize my potential from the 2.73, but it was left to me by my aunt who had gotten it from her mother-in-law...so I had no attachment to it really. With working on a short timeline, I decided to hit the bid and get on with it. I realize I left money on the table, but I live in a smaller city, and I felt my options were limited, and just didn't want to put alot of time into it to be honest.


As to the girdle, thanks for the info. He showed me several points of the girdle and described why it was graded as it was. He was very straight forward about it.

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