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What kind of Diamond can I get for $11,000


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I am wanting a radiant cut diamond and have a budget of $11,000. Will that buy a quality diamond and if so, what color, clairty, weight, finish, proportions etc. I've read lots of info. and taken the tutorials but, I'm still having trouble knowing what my money will buy. Any suggestions? tdt

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That can DEFINITELY buy you a quality diamond. You can get a very nice diamond with even a third of that budget. Now the size that you can afford can vary a great deal depending on other qualities like cut, color, clarity, etc., which makes your question very hard to answer.


If you look at a very good cut diamond (what gives it the sparkle) and go for excellent color (in the D, E, or F range), you could get something around 1.5 carats for a VS1 clarity diamond well under your budget. If you went to an SI1 or SI2 clarity (just make sure it's eye clean, and you can get a great deal), you could have the same excellent color and very good cut and get one for about 2 carats.


Now if you changed the cut quality or the color quality, you could get something much bigger. I'm just assuming that you want the best cut and color you can get. All of these are also GIA certified diamonds. If you go for uncertified, you could probably get something bigger, but I wouldn't really recommend that just in case.


But again, $11,000 is a lot of money for an engagement ring, so you should be able to get a top quality one if you want to spend that much.


Take care,



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It is important to note that there is not a standard for cutting Radiants, they can vary greatly in appearance. Not only are some square and some rectangular, but more importantly they can also have different facet patterns resulting in different visual effects.


Pictures and the assitance of someone to make side by side comparions for you are crucial if you are buying on line. Do not attempt to buy by the limited cut information provided on the grading report.

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Don’t give up. If it was easy it wouldn’t be as satisfying when you find the right stone. In the end, a lot of the value of the ring will be that you have searched the world looking for just the right diamond for your beloved. The fact that they aren’t all the same makes the one that you end up with all that more special.



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