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Leo Ingwer Engagement Ring Nightmare


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This is my first post regarding my purchasing experience and it was for the engagement setting. Aside from the fact that the diamond district in New York is a buch crooks, that use cheap negotiation tactics and literally drag you into their stores, these guys were a particular breed.


I was at their store with my parents and observed the most obscene egos, attitudes, and conversation styles ever. First, I was told that they would custom make anything I wanted. Then, I received a vanilla setting and the wedding band that looked like someone cut them out with the hammer. Absolutely no taste, grammar, or aesthetic sense in execution of a beautiful picture in the catalogue.


If you do, by some silly mistake lay your eyes on their online catalogue, do go to the store and you'll see just how horrific their designs are. Obviously upset with my purchase, I walked into the store to see what can be done. I was first told: "Sure, we could fix it" - by one person; "but you'll have to pay the difference" - by another person, and "get the hell out of here and come back with your dealer, we don't deal with end customers at all" - by the third person. Aside from that, the dealer that used Leo Ingwer is decent girl who helped me buy my diamond and who thought these crooks would custom the ring. They called her office and spoke in an extremely rude fashion with the president of her company, who had absolutely nothing to do with the whole situation. Needless to say, she got in trouble for the phone call. Needless, to say, further, these people seem to have no education on how to deal with each other and their business partners, forget private customers like myself. Yes, these experience are biased, yes, you're a reasonble to question the situation and how it evolved. All I can say is I'm writing this because I see this unfair and undeserving, that in my engagement process I had to deal with these insensitive monsters.


Bottom line, it's a known fact, that the jewlers rely on the word of mouth and a repeat business. I am a pretty generous customer and have never bothered to go online and report incidents in the store, until now. This is worth it. Please please please, I urge you to avoid this shop.


Very best of luck to all newly engaged!

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I second (or rather third!) the call for pictures. I would like to see what the problem was with the ring for sure. I'm sorry they were so rude to you. :) Customer service should be a top priority for any jeweller. Sometimes I think people don't realize just how brash they sound.


I'm looking to take a trip to NYC next year and will be perusing the diamond district. It's always interesting to hear of others' experiences.

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In my opinion, Leo Ingwer Inc. is one of the best and nicest companies to deal with on 47th street!  They are actually my preference when it comes to helping a client purchase a cast band, or customized cast band.   Furthermore, I have been a client of theirs for over 30 years, and have never had an issue!


They are courteous, highly professional and their products are the next best thing to having a setting made from scratch.


Many people do not understand that a casting looks very different from a finished piece and that they need to specify exactly what they want in jewelers terminology.  For example: "set the diamond as low as possible", or a "scant size 7", etc...

Purchasing a piece of finished jewelry in a retail shop is a completely different experience.  You are looking at the finished product!  


Perhaps you should have had someone who is more experienced in the trade explain your options and guide you through what is sometimes a complex process. There is a big difference between the skills needed to broker a diamond vs. the  skills needed to design a finished piece.  :)

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