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VS2, .45 carat...need price confirmation


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Hey everyone,


First time on the site. I recently went to a jewelry store that a friend suggested and was shown a ring with the following stats:



Round Brilliant Cut


.45 carats


It is already set in a cathedral setting and I think it looks great! But what do i know?


They are asking $1395. For it, mounted and all. I was going to try to talk them down to around $1000-1100. And i definately was going to ask to see it loose first. What else should I look out for? Is this a fair price? What should i try to get them down to? How should i go about negotiating the price? Thanks in advance!


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Thanks a lot guys. I came to this site actually thinking that someone might be able to offer me some advice. It's pretty rough out there when you don't know anything about this stuff. Thanks for offering me absolutely nothing.


You're welcome.


Did you actually READ any of the advice presented here or were you only interested if it appeared in this particular thread?



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It is hard to say what the value is without more information.

The Price sounds good.

Here is What I would suggest

1 Is the Jewelry Store Trustworthy

A. Are they listed with the BBB if so you can check their rating and see if they have had any complaints

B. What Certifacations does the Jewelry Come with. A GIA Certified Appraiser has a Gemologist ID # assigned to them also if the item has a report you can check it atGIA Report check

2. What warrenties do they have and what is there return policy

A See It In Writing.


I had a offer from a supplier that I will not mention but do not use. He sent some information on a 1K Diamond in G color That He Stated would be a Great Internet Seller a cheap price. this was becouse the table was wrong and the stone was ugly.



I think it is important to say that we never need Jewelry it is a want not a need so do you like the piece is it affordable for you and do you want it?

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