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Sacrifice cut or clarity w/cut being equal in both


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I apologize in the subject, I meant "sacrifice color or clarity"...oops. I realize from reading other posts that cut is probably more important than clarity.


Hi...I just purchased a 1.06 carat round solitaire from blue nile. Now I am wondering if I should have paid ~3-500 dollars more for a bigger carat ~1.2-1.3 carat ring and sacrificed a grade on either the color or the clarity.


Right now I have a 1.06 carat/G/VS2/63.5depth/59table very good polish and symmetry.


How much bigger is a 1.25 than a 1.06 with similar measurements and cut?


In your opinion should I go to from a G to an H or a VS2 to a S1 (with cut being similar)? I would rather just sacrifice one and not both but will take any advice given.


I called blue nile and they were extremely nice and said I would just have to pay the difference of the two diamonds.


Thank you very much for your help and time...

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