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approximate value of my diamond engagement ring


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Reselling jewelry can be a frustrating and difficult experience. Pricing it right will depend a lot on the piece and a lot on what market you’re selling into. If you’re selling to dealers, which is what most people end up doing because it's hard to find consumers who are interested, expect to see 50%-75% of the customary wholesale value for the materials on a piece like this. This will vary quite a bit depending on where you are and how the dealer operates. Don’t expect anything from a dealer for the craftsmanship and design and the gold content is usually quite small. If you’ve got a scale, figure 14k gold at about $8/gram. Use the table at the top of the page to look up diamonds being offered here that are similar to yours. The prices you see are reasonably close to the customary wholesale I mention for these particular stones although you'll notice quit a bit of variation from one to another. If you don’t have rock solid paperwork, be critical about the grading, you can bet your buyer will be. Play with the database a little bit an notice how the numbers change when you change your parameters from H/VS2 to J/SI2. It’s an important issue. What’s your source of this information (1.12, H, VS2, good cut)? An independent appraisal might be helpful here.


There’s a free advertising section here that may be of some help. Try to give as much detail as possible, including the sources of the information, include photographs and provide a price that you want. The ones that sell are the ones that give a lot of really solid data and the vague ones tend to sit forever. Be careful of scams when dealing with strangers over long distance and CYA if you choose to go this route.


Ebay is a similar issue. It's going to be about your paperwork, your photography and your feedback. Get it all right and this will get you in the neighborhood of the prices advertised here, otherwise it's about the same as selling to a dealer.



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