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Question about IGI


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Hello everybody! I am new here, after lurking for way too long, and I have a question about IGI "certified" diamonds. I've read here and on other diamond-related boards that the IGI is not as reliable as GIA or AGS. Can anybody explain to me why? I understand that some labs may overgrade diamonds, but couldn't this be the case with any lab? If you don't know much about diamonds and the lab says a diamond is of a certain quality who's to say it isn't? I ask because the center diamond in my engagement ring was purchased with an IGI certificate and I've never doubted the information contained on it until I started lurking around these diamond sites. I love my ring and wouldn't consider changing it simply because of the IGI cert. Thank you for your replies!


-Bean :D

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If you love the diamond, I wouldn't worry about it then, as that's all that really matters. :D


There could be several reasons for different grading organizations to grade diamonds differently (this does not necessarily mean that what the certificate says your diamond is is wrong). Some have different definitions for a good cut vs a very good cut vs an excellent cut (for example) or what an E color is compared to an F. Some also might not be as strict.


It can really vary from one grading report to another (even the same grading reports don't "guarantee" that it's 100% accurate), but certain ones just have more of a reputation for not being as strict with their grading.


But when all is said and done, if the diamond looks nice, that's all that really matters.


Take care,





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Second guessing the grading on a diamond that you already own is a mistake. You’ve got it – you love it – you couldn’t undo it even if you wanted to. Be happy. Most people find IGI documentation to less useful as a shopping tool than some other things but it’s not the paperwork that makes a diamond beautiful and since you’re not looking for a shopping tool anyway, it doesn’t really matter which ones are the most useful.



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