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Can a jeweler switch out a diamond?


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When we went to buy our wedding bands, the jeweler asked me for my engagement ring (which my fiancee had bought at the same jeweler). He wanted to clean it. He took it in the back and proceeded to "steam" the ring and sprayed it with Windex. It took him about five or ten minutes to clean the ring. Could my diamond have been switched out for a lesser quality diamond or cubic zirconia?

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Theoretically it's possible but, in practice, there are several problems with this and your risk is very low:


1) It usually takes longer than 5 minutes to pull and set a stone. Sometimes it's a lot more.

2) It would be necessary to have on hand a substitute stone of exactly the same size and cutting to use as a replacement. This requires either a great deal of luck or a considerable amount of planning, investment an commitment into a criminal enterprise. This is big time illegal.

3) It doesn't pay a jeweler to do this. The damage to their reputation and the related criminal problems are way way beyond the potential profit available by stealing from customers.


If you had a competent appraisal done previously, your appraiser should be able to compare the stone in the ring to the one described on the appraisal and tell you if they match. If you've never had a professional appraisal done, now might be a good time.



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And there is a very good reason why your stone might look different to you when you get it back..


It's clean now..


Seriously, a trip through the ultrasonic and the steamer will clean a ring far better than any cleaning you can do at home with the at home products available.. Body oils, dirt, and other contaminates collect on diamonds pretty readily.. Hand lotion, soap residue, perfume, etc.. All of these things can change the way a diamonds looks.. And then when cleaned it simply looks differnt than it looked when you walked in..

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