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Platinum Princess 0.82CT VVS1 E Diamond Engagement


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Platinum Engagement Ring

Center Diamond and 2 Baguettes

Princess Cut 0.74 carat VVS1 color E center diamond

Depth 68.7% Table 69% Girdle: medium

Fluorescence: none Cut: 5.15 x 4.99 x 3.43

Ring size: 5 & 3/4 "True Quality"


HUGE PRICE DROP!!! You will never find a better price than this...


NOW ASKING PRICE: $3,100.00 + shipping


- I am willing to pay for 1/2 of the escrow fees if you want to use www.escrow.com


After looking for the perfect diamond for 6 months, I purchased this ring in January 2004 planning to ask my girlfriend of 3 years to marry me. Unfortunately, I never had the chance as we broke up before the opportunity arose. This gorgeous ring has been sitting in a safe-deposit box ever since. My loss is definitely your gain - this is a gorgeous ring with a phenomenal diamond. The ring was appraised at $8,250.00 by a retail store, but I paid Mr. Joseph Tenhagen $150.00 to appraise the ring for insurance purposes.


Mr. Tenhagen is a world renowned gemologist in Miami, FL who literally wrote the book on diamond appraisal! He appraised the ring at $6,485.00 and said the diamond was one of the nicest, most flawless, diamonds he had ever seen. This is as true an evaluation of the value of this ring as you will ever get and his 7-page assessment is included with the ring for your own insurance purposes as is the GIA diamond certificate that originally came with the diamond! You will not find a nicer ring of this quality for this price on forsale or anywhere else. With the insurance documentation your work is already done for you. All you have to do now is give your sweetheart the ring!


I took photos from several different angles and in different lighting so that you can see the sparkle, the quality of the polish, cut, and clarity. The ring comes in a gorgeous cherry wood and leather box for a perfect presentation.























All Photos - Ring For Sale


ITEMS SOLD AS IS - Please ask questions!

* To protect your investment, you can pick up the ring and documents in person or must pay for overnight shipping with insurance!

* Shipment within 24 hours of receiving cashier's check or money order and address.

* Personal checks must clear before shipping.

* If using paypal with credit card, the item will be shipped once the money transfer is confirmed.

* Willing to use escrow.com and pay 1/2 the fees

* For more information on this item please send me an E-mail by isbruck@hotmail.com

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