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diamond facets


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Not true.


Light performance is not affected by whether or not the girdle has been faceted. Indeed, non-faceted girdled diamonds may actually have better light performance than faceted girdle diamonds. It critically depends on the interaction of all 58 facets that comprise the round brilliant diamond and is affected by:


1. facet size,

2. facet cut angle,

3. facet alignment.


Minute variations in any of these three ingredients can lead to light leaking out of the stone instead of staying inside the stone and being refracted with even distibution and intensity up to your eye through the Table and Crown facets.


Manufacturers have come to facet girdles in order to uniform the look for crown through pavillion. Keep in mind that some diamond rough does not lend itself to girdle faceting because it will exacerbate graining that will negatively affect the clarity grade.


So girdle faceting or absence thereof should NOT be a primary consideration in your purchase decision.


Attached is a grapic showing the facets of the round brilliant diamond.


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