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onther diamond with depth 62.2% and table .58%


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Read up on cut grading. Table and depth percentage isn’t enough information. Start with the tutorial at the top of the page here. Also check the site of the lab that issued the grade. Ask your dealer to explain their terms because not everyone uses them the same way. The AGS cut grading scale, the most commonly used one one that uses the term ‘ideal’ for the top grade, considers 11 parameters in cut grading. Table doesn’t make the list at all and depth percentage is part of #5.


1. Brightness

2. Contrast

3. Dispersion

4. Leakage

5. Weight Ratio

6. Durability

7. Tilt

8. Girdle Thickness

9. Culet Size

10. Polish

11. Symmetry


This scale gets misused regularly and it was recently changed from a scale with 7 choices (including table and NOT depth by the way) and it can lead to some serious misunderstandings between buyers and sellers, almost always to the buyers detriment.


Knowledge is power – make yourself more powerful.



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Neil makes excellent points and you will be helping yourself by reading up on this material.


It will be an eye-opener and perhaps motivate you to change your Nom-de-Plume :)

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