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How does a 66% table effect the stone?


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I recently viewed a 1.5 carat, E color, SI1 round stone. approx 7.45 x 7.45 x 4.35

I do not have the crown or pavillion sizes, however the jeweler state the crown was a little soft as the table was large - 66%. The depth was 59%. This was a GIA stone, polish and symmetry was both rated Good. The stone looked lovely but not as bright as some other E colors I have seen. I am concerned if the large table is a negative aspect to the overall brilliance of the stone. This jeweler was selling the stone for $11,350 to us. He is a friend of a friend and stated he was only making $500-$800 on the stone.


This is a very important purchase for us and I want to have a brilliant stone.

Can you please offer your comments on this large table size and how it effects the stone.


Thank you very much.


Nancy Weitzman


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It sounds to me like you’ve already answered you own question and are just looking for some confirmation of what you’ve already seen with your own eyes.


“The stone looked lovely but not as bright as some other E colors I have seen.”


There are some red flags, especially the 66% table and the good/good polish & symmetry but nothing that comes close to the above statement. Don’t buy it. The right price on the wrong stone is a bad deal. Tell your dealer friend to keep on looking. Read through the tutorials and pay special attention to the sections about cutting. If they can’t find a better diamond, find a better dealer.


How much profit the dealer is making is irrelevant. Pay attention to the deal and the diamond being offered. How they describe their costs or what they call their business (wholesaler, importer, broker, diamondtaire or whatever) are being provide as a distraction. Ignore it.



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