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$14,400 might be a bit much (even if it comes with a nice platinum setting/ring). I saw an ideal cut one with the same specs (actually, it was .03 carats bigger) for over $4,000 less.


As far as resale value goes, diamonds really aren't the best for that. Although some individuals collect flawless diamonds for that, on average, most diamonds you won't be able to sell for too much compared to what you paid for it. I don't know where you can find more specific information about resale values of one type vs another type compared to their current buying cost.


And as for saying which diamonds are better, you really need to provide more information. What are the cuts? Who graded it (GIA, for instance?)? Where are you buying these diamonds?


Hope that helps.







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Traditional round brilliant cuts are easier to resell but that’s damning with faint praise. For most consumers, the resale opportunities for diamonds are dreadful. Buy what you love and enjoy it as a symbol of your life together but don’t confuse this with an investment. Do not go diamond shopping expecting to ever see your money again.



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Although I agree with Neil's premise- that consumers should not buy a diamond specifically for it's investment value- BUT- people who bought high quality, or large diamonds 20 years ago, or more, may do very well today selling those diamonds to wholesale buyers. Folks that bought a traditonal well cut diamond will find the most willing buyers.



I do feel that a traditional round brilliant is the way to go.

Personally, I've never seen any round diamond's design I liked better.

The price you are paying is also pretty "dear"- if that's becasue of these "named" brands" all the more reason to shy away- unless you've seen them and love them.

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