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jewlers marks??????


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I recently purchased an engagement ring with a .5 carat round cut stone with 4 smaller stones flanking 2 per side along the Pt band. i had a friend take a look, she said she found a marking showing it is indeed pt, and made in america. she also found a , what she called cutters mark on the stone, i believe it was "WIC". she has a book listing these markings supposedly indicating the jeweler who made the ring(however can't find the book). she said it's older since it's a hand cut stone, however not too old due to the band being cast.


i'm looking for conformation and/0r more info, details (since she can't find the book, and days of searching the net have left me still searching).


i would like to know some background info on the ring before i give it to my girlfriend at the end of August



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