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Estimated rock bottom value of my diamond


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Dear friends,


I am in serious need of selling my engagement ring (purchased in 1999). I showed

the ring to a jeweler in my area (Napa Valley, CA) and he advised me that the center stone might fetch for $16,000 if purchased by a diamond dealer. Here are the specs from the GIA report (dated April 99):


Shape: Round brilliant

Measurements: 7.90 - 7.97 x 4.74 mm.

Weight: 1.78 CT

Depth: 59.7%

Table: 58%

Girdle: Thin to Medium Faceted

Culet: None

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Clarity: VVS2

Color: F

Fluorescence: None


I'm guessing that $16,000 is the best I can get for the ring ... any advice, please?


Thank you.

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Dear Neil:


Thank you for your response. Would you mind suggesting to me what you think the price, then, for this diamond should be? Please feel free to use ranges ... I'm not trying to pin you down ... I really need help.


I guess I should be happy with the jeweler's appraisal. He said he's going to try to do me the favor of locating a diamond dealer who'd want to buy the stone (there's also two other diamonds for sale, each at a .5+ CT with F color and VS2 clarity), then take a small cut for his service.


Thanks, again.

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At the top of the page is a link called 'find online jeweler' that will allow you to search for offers for sale of stones with some general specs. You'll notice that there is a range of prices and this generally is based on the cutting and grading accuracy of the subject stones. The same issues apply for your resale. Dealers seem to pay about 50% to 70% of these prices although this can vary drastically from market to market, dealer to dealer and even from stone to stone. They will pay more if they've got a customer lined up already and they will pay less if they expect to own it for a while before the right customer comes along. Naturally, this assumes that the stone has not been damaged since it was graded 1999 and that there are no other specific attributes that would drive it either up or down.


This is no favor, it's about that small cut. There's nothing wrong with this kind of deal but it does depend heavily on what real offer he comes up with and how expensive a 'small cut' is.



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