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Hearts on Fire Diamonds


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TONS of jewelry stores tend to name their own "cut." Sometimes they'll just rename a normal cut to their own cut to make it sound better. Other times they'll do something minor to it (add a few more facets -- not really doing much-- if it was better, everyone would do it that way!) and rename it to their own cuts.


Sometimes (if the jewelry store is respectable) they'll just rename an "ideal" or "excellent" cut (the best cut out there) to their own cut. Nothing is really wrong with this, as it just makes it sound better. Other times they'll even rename diamonds that are less than ideal to any name they want like "Millenium," "Love Diamond," etc. (I made these names up, by the way...).


If they are certified from a place like GIA or other respectable institute, you can see the report to see what they graded the cut as.


You don't know how many questions I get a day on this... It's kind of crazy!


Hope I've helped.


Take care,





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Much more brilliant than what?


HoF is a well established, well distributed and popular brand. The claim of ‘the worlds most perfectly cut diamond’ is a bit presumptuous but they do usually have excellent proportions, polish and symmetry along with hearts & arrows patterning. There are certainly less brilliant stones with similar size and grading on the market, including some promoted as AGS ideal and GIA excellent, but it’s not correct to say that all HoF stones are more brilliant than all others. This is a very competitive segment of the industry. Be cautious when the HoF dealer shows you a ‘regular’ or ‘ordinary ideal’ diamond as these may have been chosen with a specific impression in mind. Pay attention to the specific stone and the specific deal being offered.



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Hi maryann,


Hearts on Fire is a brand for a Hearts and Arrows diamond. They are indeed gorgeous diamonds as they are designed to maximize brilliance and fire. There are however lots of other vendors who sell comprable Hearts and Arrows diamonds for considerably less money even when given different names. It mainly has to do with the extensive and expensive marketing that HOF have endeavored in. Kind of similar to the premium you pay for Tiffany's name and blue box.


Again, there are several vendors who offer comprable cut quality diamonds with considerable amounts of information to confirm the superior cut quality and resulting high level of performance. When considering diamonds like this it is important to have as much information as possible. Make sure you request actual pictures of the diamonds (some vendors use stock images) and see if they offer any other reports like BrillianceScope.


I hope that is helpful.

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