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Need Advice: Diamond Mounting and Verification


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Hello everyone -


I'm new to this forum and to diamonds in general :)


I'm shopping for an engagement ring and was planning on buying a loose diamond from a trusted on-line site and a setting from another vendor. Due to this, I'll need to have it mounted at a local jeweler.


My concern is, how do I ensure I get the same diamond back?? Would I need to get an appraisal afterwards? Also, even with an appraisal, it would be my word against theirs. Not sure if I'm being too paranoid but this is a HUGE investment that I don't want to end up in someone else's hands besides my girlfriend's!


Any advice would be much appreciated! :)

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Did it come with documentation?


Have your appraiser look at it now, before it's set and inspect it for damage and confirm that it matches the report. Jewelers Mutual www.jewelersmutual.com will bind a policy based on an appraisal of a diamond with an intention to set it in a ring and your appraiser can put this in the report with a description of what the ring is expected to look like. After you have it set, have the appraiser 'update' the appraisal to the correct and accurate description. If the stone has been damaged or switched during the setting process, file a claim and let JM worry about it. If it hasn't, you will have the confidence associated with an immediate and independent professional inspection at both critical points. The appraisal can usually be done while you watch so you have the opportunity to personally monitor them.


By the way, your risk of stone switching is extremely low.



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