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I need help trying to find a price for a diamond


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I’m going to guess that someone has offered you this stone for sale and you’re trying to decide if it’s an appropriate price.


You can use the link at the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’ to look up some offers for stones with similar specs. Your depth and table are both significantly out of the range for good optical performance so you can expect a pretty steep discount for that. Laser drilling is also not very popular and generally comes with a discount. Lastly, you didn’t mention the source of the grading information and it's accuracy is a big deal. The difference between an SI2/I and an I1/J can be pretty important on a stone of that size. Use the database search to look up those too and you’ll see what I mean.


Have you seen it? Has anyone else? Do you like it? I recommend you avoid buying this stone sight unseen just because it looks like a ‘good deal’. Even if it is an attractive price, a good price on the wrong stone is a bad deal.



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Are you sure you haven't mixed up the Table/Depth numbers?


In either case, combined with the large variance in the millimeter measurements (off-round)and carat weight strongly suggests that this diamond has been "squeezed" by the Cutter to make the 2 carat mark at the expense of visual beauty.


You don't mention the girdle characteristics or the nature of the SI inclusions in this diamond. I would not be surprised if there are indented naturals, dangerous feathers, and inclusions breaking the surface plane of the stone right around the girdle area, in which case you have serious structural issues that transcend price.


And while I am not against laser drilling per se and believe that it is a good thing to use and beneficial; it's existence in this particular diamond in combination with the other red flags strongly suggests that you properly investigate this diamond and get as much info as possible. Make believe you're buying a house and get a comprehensive Engineers Report.


"Buy The Diamond, Not The Price" is a good rule to follow. You'll minimize the chances of getting taken and hurt.


This diamond is the perfect example of why it is very important for consumers to work with experienced Vendors that actually "know" diamonds and either physically have the diamond in their possession or can call it in from the manufacturer for physical examination as opposed to the Virtual Diamond (VD) drop-shippers or well-meaning but ignorant consultants who work as "paid affililiates" to steer naive consumers to VD internet websites.


Good Luck.

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