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does this ring look real


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Hello everyone, I got a ring for my fiance. However I decided to give it to her in a timely manner and think I misplaced the certs. Anyway, heres the problem. she thinks the ring is beautiful but the ring seems to have a large amount of colors. and after doing some reading online I'm hoping the ring is not a cz. I have taken several pics of the ring with my camera under direct flash and daylight. Is it possible for anyone to take a look at my pics and give me what ever insight or your opinion on the ring. the for center stones are suppose to be a ttl wt 1 carat princess the the other 12 are suppose to be 1 carat as well. the ring cost was about $2100


I thank anyone for help with this matter


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If it's a recent purchase, the dealer who sold it may be able to regenerate their paperwork and this should include a statement about whether the stones are diamonds or something else. If you can't get the original papers, you can show it to a qualified appraiser who can give you paperwork for it. If you are planning on getting it insured, this will probably be necessary anyway so it doesn't cost you any extra to go ahead and do it now.



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