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I think I may have found the right stone


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After searching online and locally, I think I may have found the right stone. Its online at Union Diamond, a GIA-graded 1.01ct Princess cut, H color, VS1, very good symmetry, very good polish, inert. Lentgh/width ratio is 1.03, girdle is "M-VTK", though I am not sure what exactly to make of the girdle rating. The site rates the diamond at their highest cut grade (they call it Select Ideal), although I am also not sure how much stock to put into that, since there does not seem to be any objective way of measuring cut quality for Princess cuts--(can anyone comment on that?)


It sells for just under $3600, which, to this first-time shopper almost seems a little

too good to be true, but I really wouldnt know.


I have already decided to buy it, but I have to wait until tomorrow before I can actually make the wire transfer to seal the deal. I have seen a picture of it on their website, but I wont really know what it looks like until I see it in person, right? Ive even already mail-ordered a 10X loupe to examine the stone when it gets here. Are there any last minute things I should be thinking about, or maybe some other obvious factor that I may have overlooked before taking the plunge? (the "plunge" of buying the stone, that is, Im not worried about taking the "other" plunge).


Any last-minute suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks again in advance. :)

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