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Asscher shape characteristics


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I'm in the beginning stages of researching diamonds and would like to know what are "Ideal" specs for an Asscher shape diamond. I'm most concerned about "cut" and there doesn't seem to be as much information out there about step cuts as brilliant cuts. I was told by a reputable jewler that an Asscher with a Table of 65-75% and Depth of about 65-75% is ideal. He said you would want to be around 70% and are concerned more about the squareness of the diamond.


Also, does anybody have any information about Canadia diamonds from Canada? I saw some in person and I was impressed, but being new to diamonds, I'm not sure if they have a good reputation. Any information will help. Thank you in advance for your advice, expertise, and time.

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I just read that AGS ( a respected Gem Lab) will start to issue "Cut Grades" for emerald cuts ( which would include "Asscher type" diamonds)


To me, it's equivalent to a "Beauty Meter"- whos' the most beautiful ?

Halle Berry?

Elle Mcphereson?

Kathy Ireland?


Of course we will all agrtee that it's a matter of taste.

We can also agree that if a person weighed 500 pounds thye would probably be considered overweight. A diamond of 80% is considered too deep.

Does that mean everyone who weighs 150lbs is attractive? Or that any diamond of 65% depth?

Of course not.


These are examples why juding by the numbers- or someone else's opinion is simply unworkable in diamonds.


You'll need to look at stones, and decide what you love.

Generally, the corners are the most important aspect of an "Asscher" diamond's shape- this aspect is NOT measurable in such a way that it could be put on a report.

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I'll take all three of those lovelies!! B)


Couldn't agree with you more. "Numbers" for fancy shapes are not predictive of visual beauty. You've got to see the stone(s) or if shopping on the Internet see photos.

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