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Difference VS1 and VS2?

bucking bronco

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Hi there!


I've done a lot of searching around on the internet and I can't seem to find an objective statement that tells you the difference between a VS1 and VS2 clarity diamond. A while back I thought I read something that said that VS2 you could see with a loupe when looking down onto the table and VS1 you had to flip the stone over and look at the pavillion? I since have not been able to find the article.


Are there any graders or vendors out there who can enlighten me please?





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The difference may be a few additional pinpoints, a greyish-black carbon spot off table-center towards or in the Crown, or a feather.


Differences are minute and only visible using at least a 10X loupe.


Keep in mind that Cut Quality is a key ingredient. Well cut stones face up 'white' even though they may be graded as SI-1 to I-2 while poor to mediocre Cut VS clarity grades

may have inclusion(s) that are eye-visible.

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