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Should I buy it?


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I'm new here, but I've been reading and learning a ton... this is a great resource for those of us who will buy 1 diamond in their lives!


Anyway, the diamond I'm looking at is this:


.72 Carot Round Cut w/ GIA report

Ideal cut

G color


61.9% Depth

57% Table

Very Good Symetry

Excellent Polish

Med-Slightly Thick Girdle

No Culet

No Fluoro.


I would like to put it into a basic solitaire setting, either white gold or platinum.

It's selling for $3100 - is this a good diamond or can I do better? So far, it's the best I can afford (within reason) that I've been able to find.



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Well to start with, get your ducks in a row- in other words, figure out your budget, and timeframe.



Once you're ready to make a comittment on a diamond, then start the serious shopping.


I would say that shopping dealers is a better use of time as compared to trying to sort out a bunch of numbers off some list.

A good dealer will show you the best stone for your money, and help you to understand the price realities.


There's sellers online showing actual diamonds, with actual prices.

Or, you can shop locally, and ask questions here.

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