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Need opinion on price/quality


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I am working through a diamond wholesaler who is the father of a friend of a friend. I am trying to get a ring made to closely match the Harry Winston pave setting (image attached).


The first stone he has offered me to build the ring around is the following (based on GIA certification document I have in my hands). The price he quoted me for the stone itself is $13,500 and said it would sell for $17k+ retail.


Shape/Cut: Cushion, brilliant

Measurements: 8.24 x 6.51 x 4.66

Weight: 2.01 carat


Depth: 71.6%

Table: 60%

Girdle: Thin to Thick, Faceted

Cutlet: None


Polish: Good

Symmetry: Good


Clarity: VVS2

Color: H

Fluorescence: None


Comments: Crown angles are greater than 40 degrees

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