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Different GIA viarables; their affect on value

Guest pali

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Little confused about different "classification"

variables, round cut. My concern is that I did not

see a lot of I1 diamonds around, so I am not sure if I

got a good deal or now.




Is it better to have F,SI2 than E,I1 with all else

being equal (table, debth, flourosence,symetry,

polish) and add 1000$ for the F diamond. The E one I

saw has an inclusion (feather) on the side that is

hardly visible with naked eye, unless you see it with

the loop first and than look at the same spot

afterwards. Moreover, it could be hidden under the



Or Is it better to sacrifice some of the following



floorensence: none for some blue

symetry: excellent for very good

polish: excellent for very good

table: 56-57 for maybe 55-59

debth: 60.3-61.9 to maybe 62.3


to obtain F, SI2 with some slight inclusions, even on

the table itself (since it is SI2, can't see it with

the naked eye).



Which inclusions are more important in bringing the

value of the diamond down, and is their position









I've got a diamond (that I can still exchange) that is

1.13cr, E, I1, perfect cuts, no flouren.., table 56,

debth 61.7, excellent symetry and polish, GIA cert ~

4000 $. The inclusion is at the corner on gridle, and

it is "feather".



Bottom line: should I add ~1000$ to get F, SI2 with

similar properties or not. F, SI2 with crystal/cloud

on the table is avaialable for extra ~1000. Should I

get instead.


Any suggestions appreciated ASAP: "spalislam@yahoo.com"

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There are actually quit a lot of I-1 stones around but most of them get described SI-2 & SI-3 or simply get sold ungraded so they aren’t turning up in your searches. As you point out, the benefit of them is the lower prices. Some are lovely and some are real dogs. It's also worth noticing that most I-2's get sold as I-1's (or SI-3's) so you have problems on the other end as well.


You mentioned that it has a perfect cut. Can you please explain what you mean by that?


Personally, I would target premium cutting as my #1 issue, even though this is likely to drive up the price. If you need an offset to bring the price back down, I would look at color. In this clarity range you aren't paying as big a premium for that E-F color as you do in the VS's but it's still going to be quite a bit.


Note: I-1/H super preimium fabulous cut is a pretty tough combination to find.



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