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Hearts on Fire / Cut


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I assume I'm like 90% of the guys out there looking for an engagement ring, "I know a little, but not enough."


I have finally made that big decision to settle down. So I hit the net and started to do some research on diamonds. I thought I understood the Four C's, Cut is most important, color next, and then clarity, while Carat stands for the size. So off to a store to test my knowlede.


Well once at the store, I realize I was right, but didn't realize how much Cut really does play into the brillance. I was shown a Hearts on Fire diamond, the looked much brighter than the others. Then the dealer starts talking about hearts and arrows and sun bursts and I realized there is so much more to the 4 C's.


Here's my major question. I know the Hearts on Fire is a major brand that has marketed itself as the ideal cut and thus raised it's prices, are other diamonds with the same dimensions and symmetry and other C's just as brilliant or should I pay the premium for the Brand?


Any help would be great.


Thank You



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