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Questions on SuperbCERT, AGS-O Princess cuts


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so with all the research done on this site...i realize that i need to find a jeweler with an idealscope image to truly get a sparkling princess cut....so far though...i can only find SuperbCERT diamonds....is that the only one that does this? of the SuperbCERT diamonds i found - none of them had medium girdles...which according to an earlier question from me is what i should be looking for...


Also - why are the AGS-O diamonds listed on Exceldiamonds so much cheaper for similar specs?


here are my specs: E-F, VVS2-VS2, .5-.6ct, medium girdle, table% below 68%, depth% below 75%.


I am also looking to spend around $1500. Is that unreasonable for a really sparkling diamond? Which online retailer can give me the best deal? I asked Diamondsonweb.com, but they do not do Idealscope images. Only megascope reports.


Let me know. Thanks.

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Idealscope and similar images are kind of cool and there are some good things to be learned from them but they can be a trap as well. The way the image is created is terribly important and the equipment and procedures used are not consistent from one dealer to the next. Most actually count the details of how they generate the image to be proprietary because it’s so difficult to do it well and because they get a competitive advantage by being skilled at it. This means that you can’t really use IS images to compare a stone from one dealer with a stone from another. They can be useful for comparing stones within a single dealer, for example comparing one Superb stone with another but I recommend great caution when you try to generalize it. Megascope won’t tell you much that’s useful on a princess but it’s nice to have a dealer who is forthcoming with it.


Sometimes Google is helpful in finding dealers that use specific tools of interest to you like the Idealscope or Brilliancescope. There’s not that many dealers who understand or sell the AGS-0 princesses and not that many cutters who produce them but there are still several out there. You’re not pulling from a pool of of thousands of stones like you are in the general databases so it may take a bit of hunting for Superb to find you a stone to your specs but I would expect them to do pretty well at it if you tell them what you want. If you’re not setting in a tension mount, I don’t really have a problem with thin girdles.



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