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A reasonable diamond - or dud?


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I have an opportunity to buy a diamond ring that has an 1.34 carat Asscher cut center stone, H color, VVS1 clarity via a GIA appraisal. Here are the rest of the center stone stats - are there additional questions that I need to ask or should be concerned about?


Dimensions - 5.96 x 5.96 x 4.49 MM

Depth - 75.3%

Table - 66%

Cut - Fair

Polish - Very Good

Symmetry - Very Good

Girdle - Medium

Culet - None


In addition there will be two side diamonds in the 18K white gold setting that are 0.50CT each, H color, VS clarity. Then it will also have 0.78CT of side pave diamonds also H color, VS clarity.

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Well now the (Internet) diamond dealer got back to me when I questioned fair cut having the ability to shine, reflect light, etc. He said that "fair" cut was a typo and there is no such thing as a fair cut on an Asscher cut diamond b/c of the multi-facets. What struck me as odd is how could an fair cut still have a VG rating for Polish & Symmetry? I'm confused. Also if you look at the Atlas tables for depth and table it seems this diamond would fall in the 3B grading - or a std. US retail grade diamond. It seems like given the dimentions that this diamond perhaps was cut for weight and not quality, or brilliance? When I receive the diamond (GIA certfied with a 7 day full refund policy) - who should I take the diamond to for review and what should I ask? Can anyone weigh in or comment?

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There is not a widely recognized cut grading scale for Asschers and I don’t find the Atlas scale to be very useful as a shopping tool. A typo is an entirely plausible explanation. It helps a lot to have it looked at by someone who has seen bunches of them. Where are you and I’ll try to recommend someone in your area. If there are no independents in your neighborhood, there are several that do work nationally through FedEx and USPS. Many of the dealers are happy to cooperate in shipping to 3rd party appraisers if you request it. It helps even more to look at it yourself and decide if you like the patterning. Lastly, it helps to buy from a dealer who is familiar with the differences and who has the stone to look at so that they can help you pick the right one for you.



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