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Help! Thoughts on the Diamond I am considering


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I need some expert opinions on the diamond I am considering as I am very confused and overwhelmed. After a ton of reading and research I put a deposit on a diamond and now I am not so sure if I am getting a great stone. The jeweler/wholesaler tells me the stone will look great in the platinum 3-stone setting I picked. He gave me a guarantee no obligation if I am not satisified (was recommended to him by someone else). Just wonder if the diamond proportions are off and I would be better served continuing to look for a better proportioned diamond. Thanks in advance for your opinions!


GIA Cert. - $15,500

Shape - Round Brillant

Measurements - 8.14 x 8.23 x 5.00

Carat weight - 2.02

Color - I

Clarity - SI1

Cut grade - Very Good

Polish Very Good

Symmetry - Very Good

Flouresence - None

Culet - None

Table = 60%

Depth = 61.1%

Crown angle = 32.5

Crown % = 12.5%

Pavilon angle = 42.2

Pavilon % = 45.0%

Girdle = thin

Slightly thick (facted)

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