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Hey , I need some opinions on a Heart Cut Solitaire. Are they very popular? I been thinking of purchasing one. Its a 1.05 carat. SI 2 clarity with H color. WHat i had found before that was a 1.55 princess but it was I1 clarity with H color. The SIZE of the princess is what caught my attention but the heart seems so different. Just wanted some opionions on the two cuts. Thanks and i sure appreciate it.

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Hi Pam,

It's a question of personal prefernce.

That's one thing I love about Fancy Shaped Diamonds versus rounds- there's a universe of variety.

Heart shapes are loved by less people than love, say, Radiant or princess- but sometimes I feel like many heart shape lovers are among the most passionate about thier love.


When considering a heart shape, there's two tihngs you look at

1) overall quality of cut- I mean things like sparkle, and good size appearance for weight


2) model- in other words, is the outline of this heart to your liking?

Sometimes a heart can be well cut but it's too squatt or too tall. Sometimes the cleavage is too deep- or not deep enough.


Here's one who's shape I like.



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