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Hola, I have a 18k white gold ring with a central rock that weights 11.80ct, around the central piece there are 66 round brilliant cut diamonds and 36 baguette diamonds as well. The big rock specifications are; weight: 11.80ct; color: J; clarity: VS2; dimensions: 15.00, 15.00, 8.60. All this I know is because the ring has been appraised by a GIA GG cetified gemologist. I have a retail value, but I wont put it now so I can see different ones without influence whoever wants to help me. I'm trying to sell it but it's been hard because of the value of the central diamond. I would like to hear from someone who can help me. THANK'S in advance. HOTLATN..

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Are you hoping people are going to make a sight unseen bid based on a reporting of an annonymous appraisal? I'm not surprised that you're having difficulty. You may have better luck if you include more information in your advertisement. If you can possibly afford it, I highly recommend getting a GIA lab report for a stone this large. Your investment in lab fees will be returned many times in the increased bids on a 'certifed' stone. Details about how to do this are at GIA's Website..


Talk to you appraiser about what market he/she was describing and what, if anything, it has to do with your present situation. Since they've actually seen the piece they may be able to give you some useful information.


Note: GIA doesn't certify gemolgists, nor do they teach appraising. If the appraiser used the term 'GIA GG certified gemologist' to describe themselves as a qualified appraiser, you should find a different appraiser. They are either lying to you or they don't understand their own credentials. 'Certified Gemologist' is a trademark of AGS. Graduate Gemologist (GG) is evidence of training in gemstone identification and grading, not appraising.



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