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Measurments on a Diamond


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I have a question...i am about to purchase a 4.04 ct radiant dimond IGL cert and i was wondering on the stones measurments. I am not too sure about how it works and i don't want to make a mistake in purchasing something that is not worth it. I am unsure if the stone is very deep or shallow or wide or two long...how can i depict that also here are the measurments as follows:


Measurements: 8.85X 7.78 X 6.68 mm

Polish: is excellent

Symmetry: is excellent


The stone is a D color VVS2


I just want some other opions out there before i make this HUGE purchase...thank you for your time and patience for who ever reads this and can awnser my question.

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Don’t do it.


IGL paperwork on a 4.04 D VVS2 is beyond ridiculous. Have them submit the stone to GIA for grading or don’t even consider buying it. Don’t leave a deposit, don’t commit to buying if it comes back right, nothing. Accept no substitute. It’s GIA or no deal.

Any legitimate seller will know this but information on how to submit a stone to GIA is at www.gia.edu if they don’t already have it.


Hire an independent appraiser to look at it and give you an unbiased opinion of the important attributes that aren’t on the GIA report. Note two important pieces to this. ‘Independent’ means that you choose them, not the seller and that they are not in the business of selling diamonds in competition to the seller. Second, this evaluation is in addition to the GIA grading mentioned above, not as a substitute for it.


You decide if it's a pleasing shape by looking at it. Have you seen it? Do you like it?



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