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Fortunoff-Open Diamonds? What is it?


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I have been shopping for a round engagement ring and today went into a Fortunoffs. Interesting sales pitch. The salesperson said to watch out for open diamonds and that 90% of all diamonds sold are open. I guess these are diamonds that have something wrong with them (stress crack) and can be filled or manipulated. She said they inspect all diamonds at Fortunoffs and they do not sell OPEN DIAMONDS. I said "wouldn't this show up on a GIA certification and impact the clarity". She said no, GIA does not take this into account when grading diamonds? Does anyone know what she is talking about? I am know more confused by the buying process. I did not see this subject mentioned on this website or in Fred Cuellars book "how to buy a diamond". Any imput on this topic would be much appreciated.

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I've never heard of it. Perhaps 'open culet'? That'll be on the GIA report under culet but they don't use this term (It'll say Ex. Large). Hardly any modern cut diamonds have them but it's reasonably common in antique stones.


The book you mention and the website it's designed to promote are full of misinformaton as well. It's an entertaining read, but read it with a huge grain of salt.


Here's a much better book.




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True Neil!


I don't find a lot of value in any of the books I've seen about diamonds.

Mainly because a book is static- while people buying diamonds have many different motivations and desires.

As a seller, I find that trying to be "all things to all people" will inevitbly lead to failure.



Anyway- about "open" diamonds.

Some imperfections are described as "open"....An "Open Imperfection" is one that breaks the surface of the diamond.

GIA would take note of the prescence, and severity of any imperfection- although I do not believe they use the term "open"

Still the salesperson was not knowledgable, or was attempting to mislead you.


The 90% figure might be true if all industrial diamonds are included- then it would actually be over 98%- virtually all industrial diamonds have open imperfections.

I believe less than 2% of all diamonds mined are considered good enough to be used in jewelry.

Even an I2 is a "gem"


As far as all polished diamonds sold- I'd say the number would be closer to 3-5% might have open imperfections.

Sometimes an open imperfection can be microscopic, and present no threat to integrity whatsoever.

Hyerthetically speaking, a VVS1 could have a teeeeeeeny open imperfection.

I've personally seen VS1's with open imperfection.

Some I1- and worse- stones may have open imperfections which are a threat to the diamond .


There are also "naturals" which are sometimes described as "open"


Bottom line, I'm pretty dissapointed that such slop was presented as fact in a store.

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