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is a diamond with I1 clarity worth buying


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I have the opportunity to purchase a solitaire diamond that is 1.56 carats, G color but the clarity is only stated as being I1. The price being offered is $3,800 and I wondering if it's worth considering. I would be using this stone to be bezel set for a necklace.

thanks for your help,

Lisa Thompson

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I have seen the stone and it's very pretty. Under the 10 power I can see some inclusions but it's not easily visible to the eye unless you really squint. The color is nice and the sparkle is very lovely. I am mostly worried about value. Given that I'm only going to be using it in a necklace I don't mind that there are pretty obvious inclusions. The price seems fair enough but I do not wish to purchase a stone that isn't worth the price. I guess my real question was answered by you already- is it possible for a stone with I1 clarity to be of some value.

I appreciate any further thoughts you'd care to share.



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You can use the button at the top of the page titled 'find online jeweler' to look up a bunch of offers of similar stones from some of the dealers who advertise here. These people are a pretty competitive group pricewise and most local stores are a bit more expensive but this will give you a pretty good idea what aggressive prices are like on superficially similar goods.



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Important that it comes with a reputable lab report such as GIA or AG which will not grade clarity enhanced or treated diamonds and indicate if the diamond was laser-drilled.


GIA has just announced that it will issue separate reports for synthetic diamonds and laser inscribe the girdle with "Synthetic' and the GIA report #.


Regardless of the price, if you're looking to get an untreated genuine diamond, then make sure that's exactly what you're getting and paying for.

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