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Engagement Ring for Artist


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If anyone could be of assisstance, thank you kindly.

I love the modern look of a bezel setting in particular the Lucida line by Tiffany, the nearest store is a six hour drive. Honestly, I'd rather give my business to a smaller outfit or perhaps a family owned jeweler.


Here are my specs below:

Budget- $6,000.00 max

Metal- Platinum

Shape- Round

Diamond- Preferably G, VSI1

Carat- .75-1.00


I am an artist and an elementary school teacher. I would really love to find something modern and simple. Is there anything out there for me?

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A 6 hour drive to the nearest jewelry store! Yikes, you either live way out in the middle of nowhere or you need a better car. ;)


Imitations of the Tiffany Lucida line are widely available at most of the big jewelers and diamond houses. Talk to your jeweler about it. There are quite a few jewelers who are used to working through the mail, phone and Internet that don’t require you to drive at all and you might want to try contacting one of them. There are several who are regular advisors in this forum. You can tell by the footer at the bottom of their posts which ones are dealers. Some are big, some are small but they'll be happy to talk to you about it if you call them up.



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