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Help finding Tiffany's mounting!


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Hey everyone :(


I inherited a really nice diamond from my grandmother (~1.4c), and my girlfriend has a thing for the classic Tiffany's engagement ring mounting. Tiffany's won't sell the mounting by itself however, so since a new mounting is out of the question, does anyone know where I could buy a used one? I've tried searching online, but haven't had any luck. Who could I even ask? Are there dealers/collectors that deal with this sort of thing?




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"used" just doesn't right when connected to the word "jewelry".


"Pre-owned" sounds better ;) But is that what you really want?


Seriously, there are several on-line vendors that sell Tiffany Replica settings.


Google the term and see what you come up with.

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Ebay gets them from time to time but there are more fakes than real Tiffany items there so shop with care. Vintage and antique jewelry stores are available in most major cities and most will have a selection of a few Tiffany items. The classic Tiffany styles have been widely copied and are readily available at most jewelers. Would an imitation be acceptable since it's not going to be a Tiffany diamond?



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