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Confused - Which Diamond is better value?


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Buying a diamond seems more stressful than buying a house, car or most any other item as you aren't 100% sure you are getting the best for your money. There are so many variables. I have done a ton of homework and anaylsis but still can't make sense of how things are priced. If there are any gemologists or experts on this board your assistance would be much appreciated in my consideration in purchasing one of these two diamonds. Which one offers the better value as I don't believe visually they appear any different. Thanks!!


The setting will be a three-stone platinum setting (sides are round stones).


Diamond 1 - Round/GIA cert - Jeweler in Pennsylvania $19,885

1.93, G, VS2, Cut=Very Good, Polish=Very Good, Symmetry=Good, Flouresence=None, Table=56%, Depth=61.8%, Measurements=7.95x8.01x4.93, Crown Angle=35.5, Crown %=16, Pavilon Angle=40.6, Pavilon %=43, Cutlet=None, Girdle=Thin to Medium


Diamond 2 - Round/GIA cert - Distributor/Wholesaler in New York - $20,700

1.80, F, VS1, Cut=Good, Polish=Good, Symmetry=Very Good, Flouresence=None, Table=58%, Depth=60.2%, Measurements= 7.83x7.89x4.73, Crown Angle=33.5, Crown %=14, Pavilon Angle=40.2, Pavilon %=42, Cutlet=None, Girdle=Medium to Slightly Thick

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