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Best value online diamonds


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Ok, i've done a fair bit of research and i know what i want. I know people say buying online is dangerous however being in Australia you just cannot compare the value between online diamond purchase and visiting your local jeweller here. Therefore what i want to know is where can i find the best value diamonds online - has anyone purchased online before and want to share their experiences?? Any information provided would be greatly appreciated.


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i had a good experience with www.whiteflash.com. i felt like the price i paid was fair-- significantly cheaper/better quality rock ratio than i could find locally, and about right for what is available from other vendors online. one local merchant quoted me 30%+ more $$ for a similar quality ring, another local merchant originally offered me an inferior stone for about the same amount.


i was shopping for a smaller stone (0.5 - 0.6 ct), so the price differences between various vendors weren't incredibly huge. therefore, I ended up going with the stone and vendor I thought I'd have a good chance of being satisfied with, rather than taking a little more of a risk or spending a lot of energy trying to get the best possible bargain. that was just my process, obviously others may prefer to go about it differently. they're very professional, seem interested primarily in quality product, and i'd buy from them again.


just from my research, it seems that many others have also had a lot of success with the other prominent vendors here also.

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