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enhanced diamond


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I would like to sell a diamond and just found from a reputable jeweler that it is an enhanced diamond. It was an engagement ring 13 years ago and I never had the 'papers'-I now know why! Could someone give me a little guidance on selling it? It is round cut, 2.64 carats, F in color and is I1. Thank you! It really is a beautiful stone.

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Darned right you should be suspicious. Your entire basis for valuation is a grading claim being made by an unidentified source who was working on behalf someone who wants to buy it from you! I’m going to presume this is your basis for deciding that it’s clarity enhanced as well. Find an independent appraiser, meaning someone who doesn’t buy or sell, and get their opinion directly. They should be working for you, not for the buyer. Your guy may very well be right, but your putting an awful lot of faith in a stranger who stands to make a pile of money by misleading you.


Knowledge is power. You need more power.


Neil Beaty


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