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Question from feedback mailbox

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Angelica wrote:


Your site was very detailed. I couldn't get enough of the information. I appreciate you being out there in an un-bias way. Excellent job. I have purchased a diamond & setting while on vacation. I knew what I wanted and I stuck with it. I just wish I would have read your site before--it would have educated me about the proportions of a diamond... Next time I will know. I'm already looking to upgrade. Can someone tell me the significance of a perfectly cut 1.0 cart as apposed to a 1.01 or a 1.0? I understand that when it is a 1.0 it is actually a perfectrly balanced diamond. Also, does someone know what a russian cut is? A To1 russian cut was mentioned as i was out shopping...





( staff)

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RE; A 1.0 is a "perfectly balanced" diamond?


I am not sure I know what this means..

there is an AGS 1 grade, and AGA 1A grading?


1.0 sounded at first like you're talking about a carat weight of the diamond.


As for the terminology "perfectly balanced", I cannot tell you what they means.


I can tell you that the difference in value from a badly cut 1.00 carat diamond to an Eightstar cut is about 80%!!! Same color and clarity..


So cut is PARAMOUNT to a stone's a poorly cut stone and it isn't overflowing with value.



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