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How does GIA color grade PINK Diamonds


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Lets analyze this 1.58ct Light Pink VS2 Pear Brilliant Diamond


We can go over the way GIA categorizes fancy colored diamonds- in terms of depth of color.


If it's a yellow diamond, GIA uses the alphabet up till Y-Z- the next darker shade is Fancy Light Yellow.


Now a Y-Z is yellow, unmistakably.


When the tint is pink, a different scale is used. This diamond is categorized as "Light Pink" ( without the "Fancy" modifier)


The reasons GIA uses this different scale have to do with the rarity of pink diamonds, as well as the actual characteristics of the color.

If a diamond had as much yellow, as this one does pink, it would never be so obvious.


That's why GIA uses the grade "Light Pink" to describe this color.









GIA Report for the diamond




A very interesting aspect is the "Medium Orange fluorescence? 158h.JPG

I literally screamed the first time I hit it with the light.




Another unique aspect to pink diamonds is cut.

Many times I've considered - and purchased- pink diamonds who's cut would simply not look right in a colorless diamond.

This cut is actually perfectly suited for the light pink color.


It's a pear, for sure.

It's not deep, in the least bit, at 62.3%. It does have a high crown- with angles greater than 40 degrees.

This gives it a vintage look- incredible sparkle- the high crown allowing a few of the large bottom facets to reflect right up- not a bow tie- but something different.













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